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We all know branding is an important part of any business, small or large. So important some companies spend millions on this, although sometimes it can be hard to understand why, such as the Commonwealth Bank spending 12 million dollars on 2 colour box with a crooked line?! Maybe his 6 year old daughter drew it for him the night before the pitch.

So we brand our business premises, our website, letterheads, email, marketing materials and so on. But with the huge emergence and importance of Social Media, many businesses are forgetting to brand their Facebook, You Tube, etc. With Facebook and alike becoming a part of everyday life of your customers, this is a great opportunity to get a greater reach and recognition of your brand and your business.


Here are my top 5 tips that may help with using social media for the branding of your business:

1: Target Market

As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, remember you are not your target market. So take a few moments, think about who your target market is, write down who you want to attract, their age, their demographics, psychographics and so on.

With this in hand, now think about the type of content this target market is likely to want to read. Bullet point numerous topics they would be interested in, related to your business and these will be the articles you need to regularly publish on your Social Media pages.

2: Learning

If you are already established on Social media sites, read what people are saying about you, so you can orient towards this, either fixing negatives or leveraging positives or just offering help.

If you don’t have any Social Media pages yet, Register NOW! Start to establish yourself today and don’t be left behind, it is the present and the future for business.

So to learn about what your market is talking about, wants and likes/dislikes, by visiting your competitors Social media pages. Look at what they are doing and more importantly, look at what people are saying about them.
You will learn what people want, what the industry is doing as well as future trends.

3: Recommendations

Since the world is run by people’s recommendations, it is better for you to get an endorsement from a happy customer, or perhaps an expert of the industry, or a respected society figure. This will give you more credibility as well as respect so the more positive things people say about you, your brand will definitely grow bigger as well.

As we all know, in marketing there is nothing like a word of mouth recommendation. Someone else recommending you speaks volumes over what you say about yourself.

In today’s world this is now all about the little buttons you see on websites with ‘Like Me’ references. More social sites are adding such features and these are popping up on more sites as they become more popular. A ‘Like’ is similar to a personal recommendation.

4: Companies We Work With

Build your brand and credibility by displaying the logos of other companies you work with. This gives you an association with other brands and leverages your efforts.

5: Stand Out

Now you have a clear plan for your Social Media marketing. Use it and have fun. Be personable and approachable online. Relate to your market and show to be listening and helping them, not selling to them. Humour is always a great way to stand out and showing your own personality and not just another business online.

Talk about topics in the media, try get emotive responses and have readers take action visit your website, enter a competition on your site, participate in a poll and so on.

I hope you found these tips useful. If you have any topics you would like to know more about for our next newsletter, just let me know.

When in doubt, Google it !

Warm regards


This Month Only. Double Your Online Dollar!

For every hour of web edits you purchase,
get a Free Hour Extra!!!
(Limit of 10 hours per customer. All hours to be used within the month of May)

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