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Last week we discussed about old methods of using Flash animation on your website in a way that can greatly hinder your website’s ability to be found and ranked in Google. I had a great response from this as many people hadn’t realised what an impact this old method can have on your online success. If you do use Flash animation as an introduction page or in the body or menu of your website please do take the time to read that article to see if it is blocking your website from being found in search engines.

Would you like to know how Google and other search engines see your website and what they can spider to rank your site and its links?!

Tips and Hints

Search Engine Simulator Explained.

Here is a great little tool to check your ‘on-page’ optimisation. (I’ll shortly demonstrate on-page and off-page.) Go to
Simply enter your website address and it will give you some very valuable information.

1. Spidered Content – As you would have read in past issue, I talk about keywords and content being very important when writing text for your web page. The Content of your website is a key factor in Google working out what your site is really about, the legitimacy of your site & it’s purpose, and the main word/phrases for you to be shown under in its search results.

2. Page Title Used – The title is again quite important as to what your business does and what each specific page is about. Many people use this space to simply tell the name of your business, but if people knew the name of your business, they would simply go directly to your site in the first place. Also I often see characters such as colons, commas, dashes etc. No one searches using such characters, so use this space with clear, clean keywords for your business.

3. Meta Description Used – This is commonly the text that will be shows in Google search results. Use keywords in proper sentence form, as well as try give a reason for viewers to click on your link.

4. Meta Keywords Used – Although many SEO companies will tell you Meta Tags pay little or no impact on Google results, I disagree and have many time dramatically improved a site’s ranking and traffic by changing/using these. This area should of course be used to list the keywords/phrases you wish to be found under.

5. Spidered Internal Links – Now this goes back to what I was talking about with the problem with using Flash Intro/Splash pages or as a menu. If you use a Flash Intro page or Flash Menu, you could find this whole section totally empty! Whereas it should be listing practically ALL the pages of your website. If it isn’t, this is something you need to urgently address.

6. Spidered External Links – This is similar to Backlinks. Other sites linking to your website, which is ‘Off-page’ optimisation and many SEO people will tell you this is the most powerful method to rank well in Google. Unfortunately this search engine simulator site I have given you is not very accurate for Backlinks, so you should test in other ways, such as in Google type ‘’.

So now you should have a clearer idea of how Google sees or doesn’t see your website. Good SEO should involve on-page and off-page optimisation, both of which you can do yourself or employ companies such as RedBack Studios to undertake for you. But even using one or the other can have a dramatic impact on your search results and quality traffic to your website.

Of course there is much more to professional Optimisation and it should be a constant as well as always monitoring, changing and improving, but just undertaking these basics are guaranteed to improve your results.

If you have any questions on SEO or wish to discuss your Optimisation needs with us, we would be very happy to discuss this with you. You can use our Contact Form to make any enquiries.


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