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The internet and Google have become an integral part of our daily life, for business & personal and we all search the internet for answers, sometimes many times a day.

So I’ve put together some of my favourite tips for more expertly and more quickly getting the specific search results you are looking for. Google is always surprising me with the simple yet effective features it is constantly adding to it’s services. I think you will be surprised of some of the below tips that could be used in your everyday searching.

My Favourite Google Search Tips.

Use a Definite Phrase:

Google will take the words you type in the search box and search for all of the main words. So if you, for example, entered the words car servicing, you would get results for both ‘car’ and ‘servicing’. Yet it is actually the phrase that you are searching for, so define this more to Google. You can do this by simply putting the words in quotes, i.e.: “car servicing”.

Find a Phone Number:

You can simply type a phone number into Google to search for it, but you’ll often see results for many numbers not related to phone numbers. Using this feature you can narrow down the results to just phone numbers. So in front of the number you are searching for put i.e.: phonebook:0255556161

Types of Files:

Sometimes for a business presentation or a project you may need a certain type of file, such as an image or a power point or an sound file. You can tell Google to search for the specific type of file you are after related to your search terms. For example, say you were looking for a sound file of a dog barking, you could enter, i.e.: “dog barking” filetype:wav It will search for .wav files related to a dog barking.

Definition of a Word:

Most of us would search for a thesaurus or a dictionary online to then type in a word to find its meaning. So skips those steps and just do it in Google. For example, want to find out the meaning of penchant, simply enter as, i.e.: define:penchant

Do Not Include Words:

If you know specifically that there are results that you don’t want, that are related to your search, you can tell Google to exclude them in the results. For example, if you were looking for a recipe but were allergic to eggs, you could type in the recipe name and use the “-“ sign (without the quotes), putting it in front of the word “eggs”, i.e.: -eggs.

Must Include Words:

So as with the above, if you want to include related words and only get results that do have this word, put a “+” sign in front of the word, i.e.: +tomato

Similar Words and Synonyms:

Now there’s another spin on this.. so if you want to include similar words in your results, such as ‘spicy’, use the “~” symbol in front of the word/s. For example, this could render results such as hot, chilli, etc, i.e.: ~spicy

Expand Your Search:

You can include more than one search term in your search to expand the results. For example, if you are decorating a room you could enter the terms, i.e.: curtains OR shutters (note the OR is in upper case).

Between a Range:

Simply put, if you wanted to find out about a term between a certain time range you can specify this easily. Say you were wanting to find out about Jeeps from 1999 and 2002, you would simply enter, i.e.: jeep 1999..2002 . Just add two full stops between the desired range.

Hope you found these useful and that they can speed up and make your online searching more effective.

When in doubt, Google it !

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