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Restart Your Computer:
Have you noticed that sometimes your computer seems to operate slower than at other times?... Although Microsoft will tell you it doesn’t, your computer can built up a kind of ‘residue’ of resources that tend to slow it down. The best way to clear this is close all your programs and Restart your computer. I even do this 3-4 times a day, especially when working with larger files and/or graphics. You’ll notice the difference.

Alt + Tab Replacement – 3D Flip:
If you run Vista or Windows 7 there is a great program I recently found that is really handy to manage all your open windows and programs. You may or may not be aware that you can hit the Windows key (Win key) + Tab on your keyboard to view a scrolling 3D representation of all your open windows, (which is really cool and useful), but this program replaces this keyboard use by a simple mouse command and/or cursor placement. If you like this feature and simply want to be able to press the middle mouse key or a mouse combination or place your curser in a certain screen corner to activate it, then give this little program a try. And best of all its free./

What's Your Internet Speed?
Some days do you just feel either your computer or your internet connection is running really slow… Here’s a quick and accurate way to test your internet speed – upload, download & latency - with a single click. And once the speed check is complete it gives you a gauge on how your connection is doing.

Are You Blacklisted?
If you are an avid marketer and regularly send out emails to your database, are you sure you are not blacklisted by some ISP’s that have seen multiple emails as spam and not communication?!
Unless you know about IP Addresses, best you do this test on the actual computer you send the email campaigns from. |


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Redback Studios recently upgraded our Wine IP website; and it has a very smart look and is simple and easy to navigate. The process for us as a business was easy and Laurence extremely helpful and understood what we were seeking;  which reduced the costs in time and money. Redback also hosts our website and have been able to help us with technical problems that have arisen outside their responsibility. I wouldn’t hesitate  in recommending Redback to design, develop and maintain your website presence.
Sue Henderson WineIP
Pty Ltd 13 August 2012

















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