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Claim Solutions provide Claim Preparation services to you. We are specialists with insurance and accounting qualifications who prepare commercial insurance claims.

If your business or company has suffered financial loss and you need to prepare, lodge and resolve an insurance claim, we can assist. As claim preparers we are involved in the assessment and submission of claims for events such as fire, storm, wind, flood, earthquake, cyclone and contamination on a daily basis.

We have in excess of 20 years experience in the claims industry. The claims assistance we provide is often for the loss of property i.e. Material damage and loss of profit i.e. Business Interruption, Consequential Loss or Economic Loss.

The cost of appointing us to prepare your claim may be covered under any cover for Claim Preparation Costs in your insurance policy. Our claims services are available for the preparation of insurance claims as well as for litigation support.

With over two decades of experience in claims, we understand the implications of financial loss, the efforts required to re-establish a business and the time and documentation burden imposed by a claim.

Our mission is to provide a unique, independent, efficient, professional and complete claim service that responds to your needs. We believe claim payments need to be prompt, accompanied by clear explanations communicated with accuracy, empathy, integrity and transparency.

We provide claim preparation services nationally and internationally. If you need a claim preparer please do not hesitate to contact us. Claim Solutions welcomes your enquiries.


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